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Snowchange Archive of Northern Traditions

Visual Histories


The Snowchange Archive of Northern Traditions is a comprehensive collection of local and traditional knowledge and practices, photographs, videos, and audio material.

This site is devoted to Snowchange's work with local-traditional and indigenous peoples in the Arctic, the boreal, and globally.

For example, two indigenous Chukchi communities, Turvaurgin and Nutendli, in the settlement of Kolymskaya (Northeastern Corner of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russian Federation) have worked with Snowchange for 15 years to document their visual, oral, and other histories.

Materials will be added from the Snowchange vaults as they become available. All materials have been collected using the principles of free, prior, and informed consent and are co-owned by the participating villages, peoples, and families. They retain full ownership of the materials but agree to have them shared here.

about Snowchange

The Snowchange Cooperative is a non-profit educational, scientific, and environmental independent organization, where all members are stake-holders. A lot of the work is scientific documentation of traditional and Indigenous knowledge to do with observations of cultural, climatic and ecological changes